If you're reading this, hi! Here's a handy guidemap to Laffite's Landing.

This blog is an ongoing project originally based on the Laffite's Landing tumblr, which can be found under the associated tag. Like it's predecessor, this blog will focus on theme park analysis and design, hopefully taking a new perspective and building on already great work done by fellow theme park writers.

Unlike its predecessor, this blog will focus much more on long-form, in-depth articles and a new element as I try my hand at designing my dream theme park. Who knows? We might even learn something from the experience! These posts will be organized under different tags, so if one of those ideas strikes your fancy more than the other, feel free to browse.

As for your host here, I'm just a 20-something nerd who's way too much into themed design and needs an outlet. I've also spent way too much time at theme parks, so I'll be happy to help answer any questions Disney-related or otherwise.

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